5 Reasons To Get Some Coaching On Your Next Snowboarding Holiday

by Fraser

Have you graduated from beginner status as a snowboarder? Been away more than a couple of times? Do you fall into that wooly category that goes by the name of intermediate?

As a snowboarder, when you move beyond the beginner phase, it’s common to leave tuition behind – sometimes for good. You can get around the whole mountain, and you’re getting pretty fast too. Perhaps you’ve started to get into freestyle, maybe you’re even landing your first 180s, or even 360s? Switch is something you’d like to practice more, and you’re definitely interested in trying more off-piste after a snowfall…

The above scenario describes a lot of snowboarders, and if it describes you, even just a little, then read on to find out why you should consider some snowboard lessons/coaching on your next trip.

1. Your general riding technique is important. Post-beginner, it’s very easy to forget about your fundamental riding technique. Jumps, freestyle and fun stuff like butters can take ages to get good at, not to mention starting from scratch again to ride switch. And is powder simply a matter of leaning back?

The fact is, a solid snowboarding technique is at the foundation of all your riding. Chances are, if you haven’t done anything to review or improve your technique since you were a beginner, there will be lots of room for improvement. Why get some lessons? Because that’s what instructors are trained to teach – snowboarding technique!

2. You will improve, faster. You may have a good idea of the things you’re doing wrong. You might have some good instructional material that’s given you a few things to work on (great start!) The reason an instructor can benefit you if that they will be watching precisely what you are doing. The advice that they give you will be in response to a live, assessment of you snowboarding. That’s key.

The benefit of even a single tip, one that hits the spot, shouldn’t be underestimated. It may be one, specific element of your technique that is holding you back; correcting this can make a big difference! An instructor who is working with you directly is more likely to find this element, than you would be helping yourself.

3. You’ll be motivated to improve. Coming out of a lesson, or lessons, you’ll most likely have some concrete exercises to work on. Having someone provide you with some goals will motivate you to improve. There’s also the bare fact that paying for the tuition will probably instill you with a desire to improve – you’ll want to put the lessons to good use. The net result is you becoming a better snowboarder.

4. An increase in your confidence. Riding with a professional instructor will give you confidence. It’s their job to snowboard, to instruct people how to snowboard correctly. It’s reassuring to have someone like this watch your riding and help you out. What’s more, as they help you to make improvements, you’ll become more confident in your ability, and more confident to try more precise or more advanced riding techniques.

Your lessons may lead you to terrain that you currently struggle with; perhaps this is something you ask to cover with the tuition? Again, having the instructor to guide you will give you the confidence to tackle the more advanced terrain, and then to practice on it in the future.

5. Avoid stagnation – you want to improve! Snowboarding is fun, that’s why you do it. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to fun, if you’re enjoying yourself, that’s great. Becoming a better snowboarder is fun, for sure! Carving down wide, fast funs; surfing on fresh powder; cruising around the mellow slopes popping ollies, spinning and jibbing… A solid riding technique is at the centre of your snowboarding, improvements here will help to unlock other aspects of snowboarding.

Pushing yourself is challenging, rewarding, and fun! Get more from yourself, get more from your snowboarding. Consider getting some lessons.

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