Well, we’re off to Tignes at the weekend for a couple of weeks. We actually leave on Friday night ‘cos we’re driving again. I like the drive – kinda like a big road trip – but like most things it has its ups and downs.

So – the boards are all waxed up and ready to go. I got the job of servicing Ciara’s (girlfriend) and Arran’s (brother) boards as well as my own; strange because I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to waxing, filling and edging. I’ve read a few things and asked a few questions – but I’m still not entirely sure that I’m doing a decent job (or a half decent job for that matter).

Hmm, I think I should document one of my attempted services on here sometime. That way if there is anyone reading that knows how to do it properly they can tell me what I’m doing wrong; and those who know even less than me might learn something 🙂

So the snow seems really sick at the moment in Tignes. On Monday there was 60cm! Sweet. Basically I can’t wait to get there…

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