Update – And A Lesson Learned?

by Fraser

There’s been a brief lull on the blog, 10 days since the last post, which I thought was worth a little explanation. Apart from being away in London for one of the weekends, followed by the usual catch-up in the week following, we’ve been working more on our next iPhone app. Compared with SnowMates, this app has a wider target audience and is designed for more consistent/continual use (rather than being centred around a trip/holiday). As such, I’ve started to think about ways in which we might market it – to spread the word once it’s released. It’s a fun project. It also pairs super well with our snowboard size calculator.

Getting back to the blog, here’s a video to check out. Fun shredding, you’ve gotta love The Stash…

And here’s another video:

Skiing? It’s not something that I usually post about, but one of the other things that has taken some time recently has been an influx of comments on a previous article, in which I described: Why Snowboarding is Better than Skiing.

It’s been an interesting process. Somebody linked to the article from a skiing forum, resulting in quite a few angry skiers descending on the article and comments. It’s the first time I’ve really been flamed on the Internet. Nice.

Seriously though, it made me think. Did I make a mistake with the article? Yes, it was just my opinion, but I did publish it under a provocative title. Was I deliberately opening a can of worms?

Many people have said that this argument is old news, and there shouldn’t be an argument anyway, it’s pointless trying to rank one sport as being better than another…

Whilst I do agree with that, I’m still pretty sure that if someone said: “I’m thinking of trying skiing or snowboarding, which do you think?” I’d say something like: “Snowboarding, it’s way better”. To be honest, I wrote the article and title knowing that it would be controversial to some. I didn’t expect so many people to be so annoyed about it. It probably was a mistake. So I’m sorry if I’ve pissed some people off, but, it was my opinion, and it’s still my opinion. I’ll take the flaming on the chin and log it as a lesson learned in writing on the Internet…

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