I normally travel to European resorts either by car or by plane, but I’ve also done the journey once on a coach (26 hours worth). Although I’ve never used it before I have looked at the Snow Train quite a few times.

The Snow Train, which departs London on a Friday afternoon and arrives in resort on Saturday morning has some useful advantages, a key one being that you have the option to ride Saturday.

However, it was this press release from National Express that I was pointed at today, which prompted this post. They offer an overnight coach service – a similar setup to the Snow Train – that turned out to be quite popular last season.

The Eurolines Ski Coach, which also departs from London is no doubt a little slower than the Snow Train. However it does share quite a few of the Snow Train advantages, and being a fair bit cheaper it provides a useful option for budget travel…

Living in the North East, neither is really a good option for me as I would first need to travel to London. But for those near by I’m sure they’re both worth considering.

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