A few of us rode at Halifax on Saturday and it really did feel like summer. Although it doesn’t look like it in the photo, is was touching 28 degrees. So hot to ride in.

It was a good day, but to be honest my riding was tailing off towards the end, which was frustrating. I’m working towards pulling a backside 3 on that kicker – and I probably should have just tried a few. I suppose there’s always next time.

Before that though, I was at least getting more familiar with the backside 1s – a simple trick that I should have sorted out well before now. A little change to where I was looking and it stopped me from landing with my weight off-centered towards the tail, which was causing me to sit down on landings.

So I was riding them out more consistently and also improved the style a little – mainly less arm movement. I was looking to bone out an indy on the way round, but it didn’t happen. I still need more time to get better with grabbing it – something like a nose grab would be sick – and also to go bigger.

We filmed some stuff and took a few photos, but it turns out there was a problem with the tape. We ended up loosing some of the stuff we took at the last SNO!Storm session and a lot of the new stuff too… I need to check this out ‘cos I’ve only spent 5 minutes looking at it.

Notch up another fun day on the plastic stuff and I’m looking forward to the next one.

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