I went for a skate last night, on my lonesome, over at Silksworth. I was really feeling the urge after skating last Saturday, plus, Martin set off to courchevel this morning on a super early flight, for a weekend of riding, so I felt like I was missing out. Lucky ass.

Despite a lack of mates it was really good. I love that skate park – the small bowl is just so addictive. I set out with two tricks in mind and was fairly surprised at my success. Note: given my current skill level on four wheels, trick should probably be read as movement, or basic move.

I could have stayed all night…

But I had things to do at home and my left leg got real sore. I must have tweaked something quite nicely last Saturday because the tightness came back last night, followed by wonky walking today.

Whilst I was there, I spent a little bit of time pondering over the ski slope they have. It’s dendex you see. I even popped into the reception area to ask about the freestyle night they run. They do have one, that’s a start. I also asked if there were any plans in the pipeline to resurface the hill with snowflex. There aren’t; there just isn’t any money.

It’s a shame because the hill has real potential and the lift is good. Plus it’s around 10 minutes from my house!

I see more skating on the cards. I should probably stretch next time.

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