Mid-way through the Fernie trip I was thinking that I was going to have to replace my bindings. Last season in Laax one of the front buckles locked up pretty tight, to the point that I couldn’t get my foot out. It needed a tool to free it up.

Since then it only happened once during the summer, so I was just hoping they would see me through another winter. Well, it started locking up around once a day in Fernie, soemtimes more, which was getting annoying… then I snapped the base plate. Time for new bindings?

Luckily one of the shops in Fernie was a Drake dealer. To be honest I was kinda hoping that he would give me the parts for free – but I can’t grumble at $5 a piece. With a new base plate and new buckle the MLBs were good to go. Still plenty left in them I think. They’re turning out to be great bindings.

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