It might not be your thing, but I kinda like putting a sticker or two on my board. It’s not always easy to get hold of decent stickers, especially if you’re on the scrounge for freebies.

Well, Martin told me about a site with a decent selection of stickers that are also good quality. The site is B Smarter Graphics.

As you might expect, the stickers here aren’t free. What’s more, while they aren’t stupidly expensive, they’re not cheap either. However, after buying a couple myself I can say that they are good. Not only that, the service is up there too: friendly, good delivery, good instructions and dead easy to pay with paypal.

A bit of light relief after all the talk of avalanche safety around here. I hooked up a pretty sick Analog decal with a 32 and a Nitro; the Nitro I bagged last season from Chopp, in Flims/Laax. Check out the T2:

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