I mentioned recently that I’d re-watched the avalanche safety clip that comes with the extras on Absinthe’s More dvd. The video is produced by Teton Gravity Research and is a great instructional aid. In the video they use the BCA Tracker, but I’m sure a lot of the principles apply to all beacons.

I was pointed at the video section on WhiteLines’ site as they’ve got this same safety video. I was gonna suggest that if you don’t have the More dvd then it’s worth watching this clip… but as it turns out, the video I’ve embedded here has new stuff that I previously hadn’t seen. In addition to covering a single burial search this movie also provides an explanation of transmitted flux lines, and looks at two methods of dealing with multiple burials.

The extra bits that I hadn’t seen before are produced really well; the instruction is very clear. If I get a chance this weekend I’m gonna have a go at finding two burried beacons. Check it out…

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