should i buy hard snowboard boots

Should I Buy Hard Snowboard Boots? Probably Not!

by Tom

One of the most significant decisions in snowboarding isn’t necessarily about the board – it’s about the boots!

You’ve probably heard whispers of the “hard boots vs soft boots” debate. Well, it’s time to answer the question: should I buy hard snowboard boots?

Defining Hard and Soft Snowboard Boots

1. Hard Boots

Also known as alpine or carving boots, hard snowboard boots are characterized by their rigid design, providing the highest level of support and control.

They closely resemble ski boots and have a sturdy, plastic outer shell.

These boots are commonly used in alpine racing, extreme carving, and boardercross. However, their stiff construction results in less flexibility and significantly less comfort compared to soft boots.

2. Soft Boots

Soft snowboard boots are the most commonly used type of snowboard boot.

Somewhat confusingly, they range in stiffness rating from soft to stiff. But even the stiffest soft boot is no match for a hard boot!

Soft boots offer more freedom of movement for tricks, jumps, grabs and general all-mountain riding. 

The Hard Truth

Known for their sturdy build and robust rigidity, hard boots are the embodiment of control and precision. 

Much like a race car driver’s gloves gripping the steering wheel, hard boots provide a firm hold and superior responsiveness. 

Primarily used for alpine snowboarding, they offer excellent support for your ankles, helping prevent injuries during high-speed carves.

Hard boots make the perfect companion for the rider who appreciates the thrill of executing perfect, precise lines on the slope.

A Little Flex with Soft Boots

On the other side of the spectrum, we have soft boots – the reigning favorites for 99% of the snowboarding community. 

Soft boots are all about comfort and flexibility. Their softer, more forgiving construction allows for easier movement, making them ideal for freestyle and all-mountain riders. 

With their sneaker-like feel, soft boots are the go-to choice for riders who prefer a more laid-back, playful style. They will allow you to transition from groomed runs to park to the backcountry without missing a beat.

Balancing Act: The Fit and Comfort

The balance between control and flexibility is a personal preference. What matters most is the fit and comfort.

Hard or soft, the boot should fit snugly, providing support without restricting circulation. The right boot feels like a natural extension of your body, letting you control the board with confidence. 

Choosing a Side

Choosing between hard and soft boots boils down to your snowboarding style and what you want out of your ride. 

However, what I would say is that most riders should almost certainly choose soft boots. Unless of course you plan on snowboard racing, hard carving or speed-focused snowboard events. 

But the article below explains it much better than I ever could. 

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, there’s no definitive right or wrong in the hard vs. soft snowboard boots debate.

That being said… the vast majority of amateur snowboarders are better off with soft boots!

But don’t hesitate to try both types if you can. After all, the best judge of what works for you is, well, you!

And remember, whether you’re carving hard with stiff boots or spinning with soft ones, the goal is the same: having fun on the mountain.

Happy riding! 

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