Well I’ve started my summer shred counter… It’s (currently) at the bottom of the sidebar on the main page – it’s going to keep track of my riding days over the summer. Unfortunately though, due to the lay of the next few weekends, it doesn’t look like I’m going to be marking up more riding sessions any time soon. Bummer.

I’ve also hit a block with working on my pc: there’s a problem with the hard drive so I’m gonna have to do some work to recover it. In the meantime, the editting I’ve been doing on the footage from this season is hanging in the balance. Then there’s the post about producing/compressing my videos for YouTube that I’m working on, which is also in limbo on the problematic hard drive. And I keep forgetting that I left my camera at Martin’s…

But none of that is really too bad. While I’m waiting for some of those things above, I’ll be checking out destinations in Canada, which seems to be pretty set as the location for next season’s riding. I’m also re-reading Todd Richards’ Pipes, Parks and Powder and re-watching some of the snowboarding movies I haven’t seen for a while. I’ve even been dreaming up a crazy scheme involving me working remotely from somewhere in North America next year, which although I can’t really see it happening, it would be totally sick!

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