I’ve been trying to set up a long weekend of summer boarding in Les Deux Alpes – but it’s proving tricky.

Originally the problem was “what can I do with 2.5 days holiday?” (which is all I have available). Take a half day on Thursday, and all of Friday and Monday? That would allow me to fly out on Thursday and then get a late flight back on Monday evening. The result would be 4 days of riding on the glacier (Friday through to Monday).

Then the problem became the flights. It seems that the best place to fly into is Grenoble, but if you can’t make that, fly to Lyon. Check out google maps, Les 2 Alpes is further down than a lot of the other French resorts – which seems to discount Geneva due to the problems of getting a transfer. No Geneva means no easyjet, so I’m finding it hard to get a good deal on the flights.

OK, so now I’ve found some half decent flights with KLM (via Expedia.co.uk) – for $163.70. It’s a connection in Amsterdam, but at least the return flight is late-ish, which would allow me to ride on the Monday morning, making four days of it. And apparently, once you’re in Lyon it’s an hour and a half train ride to Grenoble and then a bus ride up the mountain. Easy.

Now the problem’s money. I’m currently in-between jobs, which could turn out to be either good or bad. If I can’t get another job quick it’s bad because I need to be keeping hold of my money and not going on another snowboarding holiday. If I do get another job soon then it may turn out great as I could potentially have more than just four days – and won’t be rushing about with flight times. But then again, what if they want me to start straight away? There could be no time at all…

Either way I’m going to have wait, at least for the moment, to see what pans out. Damn! I really enjoyed last summer in Zermatt, and I was hoping to hook up with my sister and a friend, whom I’m hoping to do a rider profile on!

I’ll update this space, but there’s a good chance that it will simply be “ended up not being able to go”. If I do go though, there should be some interesting stuff to write about. In the meantime I’ve been taking a look at whether there are any snowboard-only resorts. The answer might surprise you…

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