It’s been 5 weeks since I was last on my snowboard, it feels too long. What’s more, it’s probably going to be another two weeks at least until I get to ride again.

It’s dissapointing.

Back in April I set myself a target of riding somewhere between 2 and 4 times each month. I’m not miles away from that, but I’m not riding as much as I’d like to.

The problem is that I’ve made a few too many commitments and one in particular, is a big one. It’s a shame because I really think I can progress this summer. The kicker at Halifax is excellent; I’ve been getting a little better each time and each session has been a lot of fun.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still plenty of time between now and next season (I don’t think I’m actually wanting to prolong the Canada-wait am I?), I’m just hoping to turn the situation around some.

It’s like this. Each year I come home from riding somewhere and at the end of the season when I’m watching some of the video I always think: I wanna be able to spin off there next time, or, I reckon I’ll be able to pull a backside 3 off that… That’s what I target my progression at.

A couple of things have started to become more natural since April and I really want to keep it going. Damn, the best I’ve managed over the last few weeks has been thinking about a shopping list for Fernie! 🙂

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