is snowboarding fun

Is Snowboarding Fun? 7 Reasons You’re Missing Out!

by Ben

Exercise and fun don’t always go together. However, throw in a plank of wood and a steep incline, now we’re talking! I am of course referencing our favorite sport, snowboarding. But is snowboarding fun?

Snowboarding is fun. The sport provides a set-your-own pace thrill ride in incredible natural settings, all while burning huge amounts of calories. Snowboarding also becomes increasingly fun as you gain more experience and skill.  

In summary, snowboarding is freaking awesome! 

Whilst I might be a little biased, I’m pretty sure that by the end of this article you’ll agree. Keep reading to explore what makes snowboarding so fun… 

What Makes Snowboarding So Fun?

Snowboarding involves a perfect combination of speed, skill and adrenaline. This creates a highly exhilarating downhill sport. Snowboarders can control the speed and direction of travel whilst exploring the vast mountainside. The option of jumps and aerial tricks further adds to the fun. 

Still not convinced? 

I’ll break down some of the key areas that make snowboarding fun below 

(Beyond the fact that it’s fast, scary, exciting and just downright awesome).

Already convinced? Check out some of the best snowboard resorts in the world. 

1. Snowboarding Immerses You In Nature

Whilst snowboarding, sometimes you’ll suddenly realize the amazing landscape you’re surrounded by. 

Gaze out from the top of a ski lift to see a gorgeous winter lake or an amphitheater of surrounding mountains.

There’s nothing quite like it. 

is snowboarding fun

You may even catch fleeting glimpses of scavenging wildlife between the evergreens.

(Hopefully not bears!)

In an age of modernisation and industrialisation, it’s sometimes fun just to be outside in nature with your friends. 

2. Snowboarding Is A Fun Way To Exercise

I know—exercise sounds like hard work.

But when you’re having this much fun, will you even notice? 

It’s been proven that snowboarding is excellent exercise.

Why stand on a treadmill when you could be shredding up the local resort?!

3. Snowboarding Is Challenging... But Also Motivating

The more you practice, the more fun you’ll have!

Let’s get this out of the way: falls happen.

But they happen way less with a little experience and determination. 

(Unless you start freestyle snowboarding, but that’s another story!)

Once you’re linking turns, gaining speed and sending jumps… there’s no limit to the amount of fun you can have. 

In addition, each new skill you master comes with a nice little confidence boost and a sense of achievement. 

You won’t be asking me “is snowboarding fun?” when you’ve just nailed your first Cab 360!

4. Snowboarding Is Good for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Snowboarding is fun.

But it can also be super good for you. 

Unlike other forms of exercise, rather than draining your energy, snowboarding gives you energy.

I know I sound like a bit of a hippy, but it’s true!

Snowboarding is an amazing way to replenish your mental, social and physical wellbeing… (not so much your financial well-being, sorry). 

Snowboarding, for many, has therefore become somewhat of an escape.

For others, it’s even become a lifestyle. 

If you discover a hidden passion for snowboarding, who know’s how much it could change your life (and bank balance – again, sorry). 

5. Snowboarding Equals Freedom

It’s hard to feel freer than when riding through ancient forests in beautiful untouched powder (I’m looking at you Japan).

No cares. No stress. Just contentment and living in the moment. 

Sounds pretty fun to me.

6. Snowboarding Is A Break From Normal Life

Snowboarding is adventurous, fun, and exciting. 

The exact opposite of your daily grind.

Many snowboarders (myself included) find that snowboarding provides the perfect escape. 

Who cares if your boss is a jerk or your job sucks?

You’re going snowboarding this weekend!

Additionally, even though snowboarding can burn several hundred calories per hour, it doesn’t leave you feeling exhausted.

I can spend a whole weekend riding, having the time of my life, and still feel better on Monday than my colleagues who just slept and played video games.

7. Snowboarding With Friends Is Epic

As you get older, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to hang with your homies… for an entire day! 

Kids, house, jobs… adulthood gets in the way man!

With snowboarding, you can simply meet up in the morning and ride together all day. 

Snowboarding therefore brings with it a sense of “Peter Pan Syndrome.”

You get to be kids again, playing games just for the fun of it. 

Whooping, shouting and throwing things is not just accepted in snowboarding… it’s encouraged!

For any kids reading this. You lucky sons of guns! 

Get out there and enjoy the heck out of snowboarding! 

Adulting is nowhere near as fun…


Once you pick up a snowboard, you won’t be able to put it down.

It’s one of the few addictions in life that is (sort of) acceptable. 

The mental and physical boost you get from gliding through stunning mountainscapes makes it one of the most fun things you can ever do. 

And, hey—bonus—you still get to kick back after playing hard and sip cocoa by the fire. 

There’s no way I haven’t convinced you to start snowboarding by now!

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