Well the season’s definitely just around the corner now; the tell tale signs are all there. To begin with, I’ve started donning a snowboard jacket for the journey to work, so winter is on the way. Secondly, I’ve picked up a copy of the Burton catalog, which has lots of shiny new things to look at. And finally, the first issue of WhiteLines arrived the other day, which happens to include a feature on the Halifax slope – excellent!This has made me think a little about what I’ve been doing in between last season and this coming season… Back at the beginning of April I set myself a mini-goal, to ride between 2 and 4 times each month. Since then, just about 6 months have past, and according to my summer shred counter I’ve only ridden 7 times.

Once per month isn’t great, but it’s not aweful either. In the least, I’ve definitely scored on the snowflex front.

But I’m considering off-season to be the time between my last trip from the season gone and my first trip of the season to come – so there’s still time yet. Maybe I’ll bump that average up a little 🙂

That won’t happen for a couple of weeks at least though, as this weekend I’m flying to Mexico. For that reason, I’m leaving that new copy of WhiteLine un-opened so I can read it on the plane, most likely from cover to cover. I’ve also added a copy of Document Snowboard and to my own surprise, a copy of Ski & Snowboard.

It’s the first time that I’ve bought a ski/snowboard magazine, and being honest, had something like Onboard been on the shelves I’d have picked that instead. But Mexico’s a long flight and I felt like 3 mags was a good number; and I’ve got to admit I was tempted by the cover stories of Thigh-deep in Japan and Canada’s secret stashes, which should be the same for skier and snowboarder alike…

One final mention about the new season – I’ve decided to ride in a hoodie more this year. The freedom and comfort is simply unmatched. I might finally perfect my method grab! These are the best snowboarding hoodies I’ve tried. Happy riding!

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