Well the season’s definitely just around the corner now; the tell tale signs are all there. To begin with, I’ve started donning a snowboard jacket for the journey to work, so winter is on the way. Secondly, I’ve picked up a copy of the Burton catalog, which has lots of shiny new things to look at. And finally, the first issue of WhiteLines arrived the other day, which happens to include a feature on the Halifax slope – excellent!

This has made me think a little about what I’ve been doing in between last season and this coming season… Back at the beginning of April I set myself a mini-goal, to ride between 2 and 4 times each month. Since then, just about 6 months have past, and according to my summer shred counter I’ve only ridden 7 times.

Once per month isn’t great, but it’s not aweful either. In the least, I’ve definitely scored on the snowflex front.

But I’m considering off-season to be the time between my last trip from the season gone and my first trip of the season to come – so there’s still time yet. Maybe I’ll bump that average up a little 🙂

That won’t happen for a couple of weeks at least though, as this weekend I’m flying to Mexico. For that reason, I’m leaving that new copy of WhiteLine un-opened so I can read it on the plane, most likely from cover to cover. I’ve also added a copy of Document Snowboard and to my own surprise, a copy of Ski & Snowboard.

It’s the first time that I’ve bought a ski/snowboard magazine, and being honest, had something like Onboard been on the shelves I’d have picked that instead. But Mexico’s a long flight and I felt like 3 mags was a good number; and I’ve got to admit I was tempted by the cover stories of Thigh-deep in Japan and Canada’s secret stashes, which should be the same for skier and snowboarder alike…

One final mention about the new season – the European snowbroader guys are back with their blog for this winter. If you’re one of their regular readers from last year you’ll probably already know this, but if not, you should check it out. Constantly updated with fresh snowboarding news – sweet!

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