I was ’round at Simon and Sarah’s last night, catching up and talking about Canada. We looked over some photos and video of Fernie and it just looks awesome.

Simon’s got a new Rome Anthem, fresh for next years action. Every time I think about my board I conside getting a new one. Not because I don’t like the T2, far from it, it’s a great board. It’s just that the nose profile is bugging me somewhere in the back of my head…

…A minute later and I’ve reminded myself that I’m just being a wuss. I don’t need a new board to help me ride the pow; what I need is to simply ride more pow!

Still, it was nice checking out the brand spanking Anthem. I used to own one of them and rated it highly.

We also talked about getting in a session at Halifax – something I haven’t done for a long time now. I definitely want to get at least a handful of sessions in before next January as there are tricks that I want to get more consistent, and maybe even learn some new stuff.

It looks like I’ve got some weekends available in the middle of September so a session or two should be on the cards. Sweet.

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