137 Funny Snowboard Quotes And Captions For Instagram!

by Fraser

Snowboarding, like many things in life, wouldn’t be as fun without the laughs. It doesn’t take much for something to get real funny, real quick on the slopes – whether it’s due to clumsiness, location, or the weather itself!

So… I thought I’d use my many years in the snowboarding community to drop some of the best snowboard quotes going. Buckle up!

Top 10 Funny Snowboarding Quotes

  1. With great powder comes great responsibility 
  2. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a lift ticket.
  3. When Hell freezes over… I will snowboard there too. 
  4. Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was thinking about snowboarding. 
  5. Powder to the people. 
  6. Try not to hate me because I got a snow day. 
  7. If snowboarding was easy, they would call it skiing. 
  8. Whoops, I’m snowboarding again. 
  9. Born to snowboard, forced to work.
  10. I know many people who used to ski, but I don’t know anyone who used to snowboard. 

But wait, I promised 127 snowboard quotes, right? 

You got me! 

Read on for more snowboarding witticisms and captions. After all, snowboarding is life (and no, that one’s not included in the quote list due to its overwhelming corniness).

Snowboarding Quotes From Celebrities

Snowboarding isn’t just for us regular folk. People from all walks of life know the joy (and pain) of the snow-covered mountains!

Here are some famous snowboarding quotes from celebs (some of them athletes, some of them Hollywood). 

  1. “To me, snowboarding is really an art form, and I think every athlete, every snowboarder has her own style, and that makes them stand out.” Chloe Kim, Snowboarding Olympic-Medallist.

  2. “I wouldn’t even call snowboarding a sport. For me it’s just a way of life. It’s a chance to finally shut your brain off, and live within the moment. And, for as long as I am able, I will ride until the day I die.” Travis Rice, Snowboard Legend.

  3. “People weren’t made to fly, that’s why we make kickers” Warren Miller, Filmmaker.

  4. “The attraction of snowboarding is the freedom it gives you. With a snowboard on your feet, the sky is the limit. You can do anything and go anywhere. This is not just for pro riders. It is for everyone.” Jeremy Jones, Legendary Freerider

  5. I tried snowboarding. It scared the hell out of me!” Wanda Sykes, Comedian.

  6. There’s two positions in snowboarding. One is looking cool, and the other is dead!” Eddie Izard, British Comedian.

  7. “Gotta use your brain, it’s the most important part of your equipment.” Kevin Andres and Warren Miller

  8. “Snowboarding will make you look at the mountain differently!” Liam Gallagher, Former Oasis frontman.

  9. “When you think about it, we’re strapping strange planks of wood to our feet and launching off of giant snow walls. It’s pretty intense.” Shaun White

  10. “Snowboarding is the spawn of skating, and skating is my passion.” Tony Hawk

  11. “Snow provokes responses that reach right back to childhood.” Andy Goldsworthy, Photographer

  12. “There’s no blueprint to snowboarding, you know? You can really make your own mark.” Sage Kotsenburg 

  13. “Mountains are only a problem when they are bigger than you.” Idowu Koyenikan, Author 

  14. “All of a sudden you have this feeling of clarity. Backcountry snowboarding has really done a lot to boost that feeling in me.” Craig Kelly

  15. “Some people attach snowboards to their feet, very few attach them to their souls!” Shaun White

Famous Snowboarding Quotes

Sometimes, snowboarding quotes become almost infamous – often becoming folklore. Here are a few famous snowboarding quotes.

  1. “Snowboarding is cheaper than therapy.” Unknown.

  2. “Sometimes you shred the gnar; sometimes the gnar shreds you!” Unknown.

  3. “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a lift ticket, and that’s kind of the same thing.” Unknown.

  4. “Mountains speak and wise men listen.” John Muir, Mountaineer.

  5. “Snowboarding is about having fun, pushing one another creatively, and not putting anyine down along the way.” Hannah Teter, Olympic Halfpipe Gold-Medalist

  6. “I wouldn’t even call snowboarding a sport. For me, it’s just a way of life. It’s a chance to finally shut your brain off and live within the moment. And, for as long as I am able, I will ride until the day I die.” Travis Rice, Snowboarding Legend. 

  7. “Once you take your first ride up a lift, your life will be changed forever!” Warren Miller, Filmmaker. 

  8. “There are no rules in snowboarding.” Amy Purdy, Para-Snowboarder

  9. “A bad day on the mountain beats a good day at work.” Unknown. 

  10. “Snow skiing is not fun. It is life, fully lived, life lived in a blaze of reality.” Dolores Lachapelle, American Mountaineer.

  11. “Just Snowboard.” Unknown.

  12. “On top of the mountain, everything makes sense.” Unknown

Injury-Related Snowboard Quotes

Sometimes jumping off the side of the mountain doesn’t work out quite the way you planned, but don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to laugh about it!

Here are some snowboard quotes about the struggles of the injury-prone: 

  1. I could have landed that 540 tail grab, but I took a mountain to the knee.
  2. Of course, I didn’t fall; I’m just checking the snow conditions. 
  3. What happens on the slopes… gets laughed about all year. 
  4. When life gets you down, find a chairlift to bring you back up. 
  5. There’s no crying in snowboarding. 
  6. Jumping is easy. Landing is hard. 
  7. Trees don’t move! 
  8. Turn right. Turn left. Repeat as necessary. 
  9. When someone you don’t like falls: “OMG, is the powder ok?” 
  10. Snowboarding: the art of catching a cold and going broke while rapidly heading nowhere at great personal risk. 
  11. My favorite winter sport is watching people fall while snowboarding. 
  12. If you want to get a good taste of powder, first you have to eat some. 
  13. If snowboarding was easy, they would call it skiing. 
  14. A snowboarder flew off a jump and got stuck in the scenery. He was trying a frontside tree. 
  15. Bones heal, but glory is forever.  
  16. Day 1 of snowboarding – I fell down a lot. 
  17. Even the best fall down sometimes. 

Weather-Related Snowboard Quotes

Snowboarders are used to the cold (Well, most of the time.) It’s not always fun and games when it comes to the weather on the mountain, but it’s always funny from someone else’s POV. 

Here are some snowboard quotes about the weather: 

  1. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow… somewhere else. 
  2. If only my teeth were as white as my legs in the winter. 
  3. When life gives you snow, make snowmen. 
  4. Never eat yellow snow!
  5. It’s only cold if you’re standing still. 
  6. Okay, winter. Go off. 
  7. Dear winter, feel free to stick around. I’m board without you. 
  8. Summer who? 
  9. If you listen carefully, the quietness of snow falling is beautiful. 
  10. All about my winter sports. 
  11. Between snow and stars. 
  12. Happiness is first tracks in fresh snow. 
  13. Sunshine and chairlifts. 
  14. No friends on powder days. 
  15. Is it just me, or does it feel like we’re trapped in a snow globe, and some jerk keeps giving it a shake? 
  16. Thank God summer is over. 
  17. Don’t wear white while snowboarding. You’re going to disappear!

Work-Related Snowboard Quotes

Risking life and limb on a double-black diamond is infinitely better than a 40-hour workweek. Here are some snowboarding quotes for the working class in all of us: 

  1. A bad day on the slopes beats a good day at work.  
  2. When in doubt, shred it out. 
  3. Sometimes you need to adjust your altitude. 
  4. Landing new tricks like it’s my full-time job. 
  5. CEO of snowboarding. 
  6. Out of the home office, and in the mountains. 
  7. I’ll make my math teacher proud and calculate this slope. 
  8. Now lay me down to bed, I pray to the Lord to give me a powder day. 

Quoting Snowboarding As A Lifestyle

As I said earlier, it’s pretty cheesy to call snowboarding “a way of life”. But that hasn’t stopped me (and maybe you?) from making it one!

Sometimes the snow just calls to you in a way that the rest of the world doesn’t understand. 

Here are some more quotes to symbolize that way of life: 

  1. Life without snowboarding is not life. 
  2. To snowboard or not to snowboard, that is not a question. 
  3. If snowboarding could be done all year long, no-one would be overweight. 
  4. The mountains are calling, and I must go. 
  5. I could live without snowboarding, but I don’t want to. 
  6. Life is a mountain, not a beach. 
  7. Paradise doesn’t have to be tropical. 
  8. Shredding has never felt so good. 
  9. The mountains are our home. 
  10. POV: You’re sitting next to me on the lift. 
  11. I never met a slope I didn’t like. 
  12. My best friend may be my snowboard companion. 
  13. Making the most of a powder day. 
  14. When the mountain looks like ice cream… 
  15. I’m just here for the hot chocolate. 
  16. Most likely to be on a mountain with a board. 
  17. Smitten with snowboarding… and you. 
  18. Never miss a moment in the mountains. 
  19. When life gets you down, find a lift to bring you back up. 
  20. Snowboarding might as well be a superpower. 
  21. Ain’t no mountain high enough. 
  22. Everything you’ve ever wanted is up that chairlift. 
  23. Go out there and earn your hot cocoa. 
  24. A chairlift is a religious experience. 
  25. The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have. 
  26. Gone snowboarding. Be back later. 

The Puns

You knew it was coming. 

The wordplay, the corny stylings, and the dad jokes. Don’t groan just yet, some of them are actually not too bad!

Here are your snowboard puns. (For even more punny business try the 11 best snowboarding puns for when you’re board)

  1. Rise and glide! 
  2. This was just the lift I needed. 
  3. Icy what you did there. 
  4. Snow place like home. 
  5. The snuggle is real. 
  6. My snowboarding abilities are going downhill quickly! 
  7. Does white make me look fat? 
  8. Tis the season to be freezing. 
  9. What do you get when you cross a vampire with a snowman? Frostbite! 
  10. I think we have peaked. 
  11. It’s all downhill from here. 
  12. I love big dumps. 
  13. I glove you. 
  14. Say snow one more time! 
  15. White powder specialists. 
  16. Love at frost sight. 
  17. Snow long, friend. 
  18. It’s a powder party. 
  19. The mittens are coming off! 
  20. I am getting snowboard of all these skiers. 
  21. No time for bunnies, honey. 
  22. Do you even lift, bro? 
  23. It takes one to snow one. 
  24. Snow news is good news. 
  25.  My drug of choice is white powder. 
  26. This picture was fine, but it all went downhill from there. 
  27. Sorry, I couldn’t make it, I had a board meeting. 
  28. Keep calm and wait for snow. 
  29. Up to snow good with these people. 
  30. The snow must go on. 
  31. Close to heaven, down to earth. 
  32. King of the hill. 
  33. May the course be with you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, all the snowboarding quotes and captions you could ever need. 

Use them at your own risk! 

Have I missed any particularly amazing snowboard quotes?

Let me know in the comments below. 

Alternatively if you’re not already dad-joked out, try our list of Best Snowboarding Puns

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