Five of the best apps for snowboarders

by Fraser

It might not seem like two minutes since we were basking in the glorious sunshine of the summer and hitting the wakeboarding park, but for snowboarders like us, winter is the best time of the year. We can’t wait for the 2013/14 snowboarding season to begin. There’s a lot more to it than just grabbing a snowboard (or skis) and hitting the slopes though. When planning a snowboarding trip, you’ll need to think about the weather, the snow, the terrain, lifts and other essentials like winter sports travel insurance.

So, if you’re planning on heading up into the slopes this winter, we’ve narrowed down a list of the top five best snowboard apps to download (in no particular order) before you jet off.


If this app wasn’t so limited in where it could be used, it would definitely be the best snowboarding app. Unfortunately, it’s only available at around 80 ski resorts, but it is an incredible tool.

Just point your phone in any direction and it will give you information on points of interest, the names of the runs, facilities and even which chairlift you’re sitting on.

iPhone: free
Android: N/A

Here’s a video of the Real Ski app:


If you prefer to snowboard in a group or meet up with other like-minded ‘boarders, you’ll like this SNOCRU app.

It makes life on the piste much more social, as you can check out where your ‘cru’ are and even find new SNOCRU friends.

It’s got a few other features too, including speed, altitude and coordinate location.

iPhone: free
Android: free

3. SnowEdge

Do you want to know every single detail of your run down the slopes? SnowEdge keeps track of progress, with measurements of speed, airtime and even the quality of turns.

Leave the app open on your phone to get a complete rundown of your day on the snow.

iPhone: free
Android: N/A

4. Snow & Ski Report by REI

Find out about recent snowfall, temperature, snow depth, wind speed and direction at 12 different resorts.

Select a resort to get further details about the weather forecast and a live webcam stream – it will even notify you if anything changes.

iPhone: free
Android: free

5. iTrail Map 3D

No matter how helpful an app, with its GPS tracking and so on, you still feel the need to grab a paper map.

Well, no more, this app will guide you around the resort and allow you to plot out your day on the slopes.

At the end of the day you can boast about your achievements by uploading it to social media.

iPhone: free
Android: N/A – try Satski (£3.18 – free for Life)

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