8:30 here. About to head out to the lift. We don’t know which bowls are open yet; if they’ve opened Lizard and/or Cedar that’s a whole lot of fresh pow to be ridden. We might also see groomed runs for the first time today :-0

Checking the weather forecast it looks like it’s going to be cold again: -23. Ouch. I wonder whether there will be fewer people on the hill today than there were yesterday?

Amazingly it seems like the snow is going to continue to fall:

I wouldn’t be surprised if the actual amount turns out to be more!

On a different note, I’m getting some dodgy jetlag. It’s either that or this head cold that I picked up on the journey out here. The first two nights I was awake at 2am, then 3, then 4, then 5 and then getting up at 7am. This morning was slightly better, I woke first at 3am and then at 5. The difference today was that I couldn’t get back to sleep. Maybe I’m too excited? 🙂

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