Ciara and Emma had booked themselves a full day lesson with Our Camp, so I decided to take the opportunity to borrow the car and go for a drive: my mission to visit the smaller towns in the Portes Du Soleil and snowboard from Chatel to La Chapelle d’Abondance. I wanted to check out the Smooth Park too.

My route was laid out for me – thanks to the us getting stranded incident on Day 6. The plan was to make the best of the conditions on hand, take a lot of photos, get a feel for the layout, try some of the quieter slopes and make it back before dark.

All in all it went pretty well. I covered a lot of ground. After taking some pictures of the smooth park (the light wasn’t great), I dropped my bag with the liftie and took a few laps. I snowboarded from Chatel to Torgon and then down to La Chapelle d’Abondance, getting a good view of Lake Geneva on the way.

It’s hard to know for sure based on one day only, but the slopes over that way seemed very quiet. I saw some really nice runs, and non-crowded off-piste potential too. Although it’s a shame there were so many bomb-holes in the landing zones! I’m not gonna say more now because I need to write the review up in full when I get home…

On the way back I drove through Morzine and on towards Prodains, to meet up with Ciara, Emma and my dad – he’d done the camp day too. I met Gilly Seagrave from Our Camp, their coach for day. She seemed really nice, and by all accounts, the coaching was excellent. Awesome!

Right now I’m taking my first, real opportunity to connect to the Internet. Wow, 9 days in, I really miss having a connection in our accommodation. We’re staying out for something to eat. Gilly reckons that the park in Les Gets is pretty good and I think the others have been there today too – so that’s the plan for tomorrow…

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