I set off early this morning with Emma, heading for the Les Gets park. Ciara was missing in action, 6 pints last night proved too much for cathing the first bus… and the whole morning as it turned out 🙂

Not knowing the bus route, we decided to use the slopes to take us from Morzine to Les Gets. Once you get up into Morzine, it’s one more lift, and then a single run all the way down into Les Gets base/town. A short walk across town and then up the other side of Les Gets, towards the park. Of course I also had to pick up my new snowboard having discovered my real size using our calculator.

In all, it took us around an hour to get to the top of the park, from the base of Morzine, but it could be done quicker.

I enjoyed the Les Gets park. The beginner kicker line was good: three, well shaped kickers. The landings are a little short, but I’d say the shaping of the transitions kinda makes up for it. What I liked was that the park was laid out in a line; so you could hit the three kickers and then a rail, box and jib. Six hits is pretty good for a small’ish park. There was another rail or two, a hip, and a bigger kicker, although that was closed for the majority of the day.

The park is serviced by two chairlifts, one slightly longer than the other. We used the slightly longer one, Les Planeys, is it meant we could hit the final jib in the park, which I quite liked. I think it was something like 12-13 minutes to make a lap. That’s not particularly quick, but a chiar does make a nice change.

I was working the nose grab – a grab that continues to allude me – and the frontside 3. Then melon this is starting to come more easily, even if the hit is smaller.

There’s a handy restaurant at the top of the park, English owned I guess, and we ate there. It wasn’t a full afternoon, but we did take a few more laps before heading back to Morzine, using the slopes again, rather than the bus. All in all, a good day.

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