We woke up to a bluebird this morning, but unfortunately there was no where near as much snow as was forecast.

Yesterday was supposed to see 50cm fall during the course of day and night, followed by clear skies today. The clear sky materialised, but the snow didn’t. It seems that the bulk of the snow fell on Friday evening and Saturday morning, so it was all used up yesterday. Without much falling last night, there was pretty much zero fresh today…

Still, the pistes had been topped up nicely and the grooming was tight. You gotta love fresh groomers.

We spent the morning lapping blues and reds; chilling, jibbing, having fun and filming a few things. Mike and Kay have come out to join us for the second week, so this was their first day.

We met up with them just before lunch for a run. When we got to the bottom Mike realised he’d lost his pass! No way. His pocket had split allowing the white, plastic pass to slip out. 6 of us went back to the top and re-traced our run, but I think we all knew it was a hopeless effort.

I think he took it pretty well 🙂 They just went down and got another one. We discussed options for trying to claim a replacement, but with no receipt and a cash payment it just didn’t seem likely. I hope they can claim on their insurance.

The afternoon was chilled too. This is the first time that Julie’s snowboarded so I didn’t see her too much in the first week. Having the full group together was pretty cool – it’s good to see a beginner nailing their turns, picking up some speed and progressing.

We made our way down to Prodains, again, for some apres beers. One turned into two, and then four or five. We got the late bus back, had some late beers, and now I’m pretty merry…

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