Snow was falling yesterday, both during the day and the evning, so we woke this morning to find some nice, fresh snow. It was actually still snowing in Morzine by the chalet, with a small covering on the road.

Eagre to make first lift, we were lucky, as we only just caught the bus. However, we soon found that the Super Morzine lift, a few minutes down the road from our chalet, was closed. That meant we needed to take the cable car at Prodains – so we took a second bus from Morzine to Prodains. No problems. Still fairly early on the hill.

The visibility was ok; not bad, but not good, so we stuck to the trees under the Prolays lift. There’s a run that cuts through the trees, which had some nice pockets of fresh available at the sides. Then, there’s the stash and all the non-groomed areas in the trees themselves. Good stuff. We took 4 or 5 laps.

We then took the Chaux Fleurie up from Lindarets base. As you look across to the right as the chair goes up, there’s a big, open area of off-piste, gentle to start but then getting pretty steep.

An afternoon photo of this area; it was less tracked when we took it.

We weren’t the first by a long way. But when we got to the top, we ducked under the rope, still hoping for some good lines. We weren’t dissapointed. First off, the sun came out just as we started. Clear skies and fresh snow. We then found that the top 2/3 of the run had plenty of fresh areas to make your own tracks. It was awesome.

Ciara really opened up here, going much faster than normal. It was great to see her really nail some powder turns. She was stoked, so we hit it up for a second lap.

The next descent wasn’t quite as good. More tracks, and the snow seemed to get a little heavier, quickly, under the full sun. Still, nice turns when we found good spots.

At this point there was only 3 in our group, Ciara, Ross and myself. The others were a little hungover, plus they’d attempted to use the car to get to Prodains and got into all kinds of trouble. As we sat down for lunch they were only just arriving. Missing the fresh, not smart!

The afternoon was less noteworthy. Fresh snow became tracked and the slopes became choppy. I spent some time this evening looking for somewhere to connect to the Internet in Morzine, but the two places I found both closed at 7. Sucky.

Ciara and I stayed in the town and ate out. We’re past half way now. Another good day of shredding on the hill.

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