can you use skateboard wax on a snowboard?

Can You Use Skateboard Wax On a Snowboard? [Update]

by Tom

We’re here today to address a question plaguing the winter-sports community: Can you use skateboard wax on a snowboard?

The Short Answer

While you technically could use skateboard wax on a snowboard, it's not recommended. Skateboard wax doesn't provide the same gliding efficiency or temperature resistance as snowboard wax. If you're looking for the most versatile snowboarding option, check out the best all temp wax. For an easy-to-apply solution, use a rub-on wax.

An Identity Crisis

Let’s kick things off with a pinch of realism. Your snowboard, as sleek and cool as it is, is not a giant skateboard.

It is the master of the powdery white, a conqueror of slopes, a surfer of snow… it deserves the right wax for the job!

Skate Wax vs Snowboard Wax

Now, skateboard wax and snowboard wax are two different species, like cats and dogs, or tea and coffee.

Let’s take a closer look at their similarities and differences.


In skateboarding, wax is typically applied directly to rails, ledges, and other surfaces. By reducing friction, skateboarders are able to grind smoothly and maintain their speed.

On the other hand, snowboarding wax is applied to the base of the snowboard to improve glide over the snow. The wax fills microscopic gaps or scratches in the board’s base, creating a smoother, more hydrophobic surface. This increases the speed at which the snowboard can travel.

Comparison Table

Skateboard Wax Snowboard Wax
Purpose Reduces friction on grinding surfaces, like rails and curbs Reduces friction between the snowboard and the snow, improving speed and control
Composition Typically made from paraffin or beeswax Often made from a mix of hydrocarbon waxes, including paraffin. Can include fluorocarbons
Temp Range Not typically impacted by temperature Available in a range of formulas for different snow temperatures
Versatility Ineffective as a snowboard wax; for skateboard use only Can be used for skateboarding, though not ideal

What Happens If You Use Skate Wax on your Snowboard?

So, what happens when you have a bright idea one day and decide to use skateboard wax on your snowboard?

It might seem like an act of resourcefulness, like using a butter knife as a screwdriver (don’t pretend you haven’t tried that!). But, the truth is, you’d be better off saving that skateboard wax for its intended purpose.

skateboard wax vs snowboard wax

While it might give your snowboard a glossy sheen, it won’t provide the same gliding efficiency or temperature resistance as snowboard wax.

The good news? If you’ve accidentally used skate wax on your snowboard, simply use a reputable base cleaner. Once this dries, re-wax the board with snowboard wax. Now you’re ready to ride!

Can You Use Surf Wax on a Snowboard?

Here’s the thing. One day you’re staring at your snowboard, and you’ve got a block of surf wax in your hand.

You squint at the board, then at the wax, then back at the board. It’s like one of those Wild West standoffs. And a gnawing question arises: Can you use surf wax on a snowboard?

In theory, yes. You can smear surf wax on your snowboard – it’s possible, but it won’t produce the desired effects.

Surf wax, you see, is made for one thing and one thing only – to stop you from somersaulting off your surfboard. It’s sticky, it’s grippy, and it loves to be warm and wet. Snow, on the other hand, is cold and slippery – the polar opposite. 

can surf wax be used on a snowboard?

The moral of the story? When it comes to waxing, like with most things in life, it’s best to use the right tool for the job. 


While you can technically use skate wax on a snowboard, it’s certainly not the most optimal choice.

Snowboard wax is specifically designed to handle the range of conditions that snowboarders face. It offers significantly better performance and protection for your board.

While skate wax might be a temporary solution in a pinch, it’s worth investing in the right materials to ensure your equipment lasts and performs at its best. 

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