Can You Rent Snowboard Goggles?

Can You Rent Snowboard Goggles? [4 Reasons Not To]

by Fraser

Whilst you can do without certain pieces of equipment, snowboard goggles are an absolute must. 

But what if you don’t have a pair of goggles yet?

Can you rent snowboard goggles instead of buying? 

Whilst you can rent snowboard goggles in many resorts, this is often more expensive than buying your own entry-level pair. There are also hygiene and comfort issues to consider. 

I would strongly recommend picking up your own pair of budget snowboard goggles. They start at just $20!

If you’re still considering the rental option, let’s take a closer look.

The Rental Option

Many ski resorts and snowboard shops offer rental services for snowboard goggles. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have your own pair, this could be a good option.

But only in the short term! 

Let me explain…

The Cost Of Renting Snowboard Goggles

Even the cheapest rental stores charge $4-7 per day for a pair of snowboard goggles. As you can imagine, this quickly adds up. 

Most places offer a discount when you rent for a week or more. But even if they offer an absolute bargain, it would have been cheaper to buy your own pair within a week (obviously a fairly basic pair). 

The Benefits of Renting Snowboard Goggles

There are a few circumstances in which it still makes financial sense to rent:

  • You have your own pair, but forgot them and need to rent for the day. 
  • You’re a complete beginner who may ride for a day and then never again. 

Renting goggles also allows you to try out different models, however these will rarely include premium brands or technologies. 

The Negatives of Renting Snowboard Goggles

1. Hygiene! 

Do you really want to wear goggles that dozens of strangers have sweated in? 

I certainly wouldn’t. 

Sure, the store will use sanitizer wipes. But much do they really help?

2. Fit and Comfort

Rental stores won’t hold a large inventory of rental goggles. You’ll be given whatever is available. These won’t necessarily be the most comfortable goggles for your face type. 

3. Quality

Don’t expect them to offer out $300 goggles for just $4/day. You’ll be getting the cheapest goggles available. 

4. Wear and Tear

Heavily used goggles are likely to have damage to the lens and frames. The anti-fog coating is also highly likely to have been rubbed off. 

The Buying Option

Personal goggles offer the advantage of familiarity, customized fit, and peace of mind. This is often the case when buying gear instead of renting. 

If you’re a beginner or an occasional rider, some of the cheaper goggles on Amazon are a convenient and budget-friendly choice. You can even sell them later if needed. 

However, if you’re a frequent snowboarder I’d strongly recommend investing in a quality pair of goggles. 

Many of us spend too much on our boards and outerwear (guilty!) and neglect our goggles. If you can’t see clearly, it doesn’t matter how expensive your board was, you’re going to have a bad time!

Final Thoughts

So, can you rent snowboard goggles? Absolutely!

Should you rent snowboard goggles? Probably not!

Rental services do provide a convenient option for those who need goggles on the fly. It might also be cost-effective for complete beginners or very occasional riders.

However, if you’re a seasoned shredder or have specific comfort and hygiene preferences, invest in your own pair of goggles.

Happy riding!

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