can a beginner ride an advanced snowboard?

Can a Beginner Ride An Advanced Snowboard?

by Fraser

You’ve seen pro riders glide around effortlessly on advanced boards. 

You can’t help but wonder…

“Could I handle that?”

You might have even considered upgrading your board. But can a beginner ride an advanced snowboard?

Beginners can ride advanced snowboards, but will usually progress faster on a beginner to intermediate level board. Advanced snowboards are designed for experienced riders and require a higher level of skill to control effectively.

Not convinced? Keep reading!

Unleashing the Beast: Understanding Advanced Snowboards

Advanced snowboards are designed for experienced riders. These guys travel at hypersonic speeds and carve on a knife-edge. 

Their boards are stiffer, use aggressive camber profiles and are packed with modern technology. These are the thoroughbred racehorses of the snowboarding world!

As you can imagine, some of these features are difficult for beginners to handle.

For example:


Stiffer snowboards offer more pop and more stability at speed. However, beginners often find them harder to turn and much less forgiving (more falls). 


Advanced rider’s often prefer camber. This is when the board curves upwards from the ground between the tip and tail. Whilst this offers great edge hold, you’re much more likely to catch an edge… again leading to falls. 

Beginners are better off with a hybrid, rocker or flat profile

diagram explaining flat (zero camber) snowboard profiles

Sidecut Radius

Sidecut is essentially the arc on either side of your board. A tighter curve leads to faster, more responsive turns.

Whilst some advanced rider’s prefer this, beginners will find the board more difficult to control. 


Advanced boards often have high-tech, high-speed sintered bases. Beginners are usually better with a durable, low-maintenance, extruded base.


Snowboards are expensive these days. Advanced snowboards cost from $100 to $500 more than beginner boards.

Beginners should consider saving the extra cash – spend it on lessons (or beer). 

The Learning Curve: Challenges for Beginners

Learning to snowboard is difficult. Why make it harder on yourself?

Advanced snowboards are less forgiving and require more precise weight distribution and technique. As a result, you’ll probably find it more difficult to maintain balance, initiate turns, or recover from mistakes. At least initially. 

Beginner snowboards compensate for this via a softer flex, shorter length and a more forgiving profile.

So should you just buy a beginner board?

What Are Your Options?

I know what you’re thinking…

“But I want the best snowboard available!”

Trust me, we’ve all been there. It’s tempting to want the flashiest, highest spec board on the market. Here are your options.

1. Buy A Beginner Board. Upgrade When You're Ready

This is often the best solution. 

Even the cheapest beginner snowboards are packed full of tech these days. These boards are more than capable of taking you all the way up to intermediate-advanced level riding. 

If you still love snowboarding (you will) then you can invest in an advanced board at this stage. 

2. Buy An Advanced Board Right Away

Enjoy a challenge? Don’t mind a few bruises?

Go for it!

But you might impair your progress or limit your enjoyment.

3. Buy An Intermediate Board

Could this be the best of both worlds?

A slightly steeper learning curve but with a more versatile board?

Let’s take a look…

Can A Beginner Ride An Intermediate Snowboard?

Yes, a beginner can certainly ride an intermediate snowboard. In fact, an intermediate-level snowboard can be a great choice for beginners who are looking to progress their skills and challenge themselves.

Intermediate snowboards strike a balance between beginner-friendly features and more advanced tech.

They generally offer stability, control, and versatility, making them suitable for riders who have mastered the basics and are ready for the next level. 

Great Intermediate Snowboard Options

If you do decide to go for an intermediate (or advanced) snowboard, choose a well-rounded board with a medium flex. These are your best options:

✔ All-Mountain Snowboards
✔ All-Mountain Freestyle Snowboards

✖️ Powder Snowboards
✖️ Freeride snowboards
✖️ Split-boards

Click below for some very versatile (slightly advanced) options. 


Beginners can certainly ride advanced snowboards. However, doing so is likely to steepen the learning curve and increase the risk of falling. 

If you do decide to go with an advanced snowboard, choose a well-rounded, all-mountain board. 

If you need any help choosing, drop me a comment below. 

Happy riding!

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