Ever so slightly bigger crew last weekend: Ciara, Simon and I drove down to Halifax. I hadn’t checked the forecast or anything like that, so I was all prepared with a handful of buckets and plenty of cheap washing up liquid…

I didn’t need any of it. It rained (luckily I had my 686 waterproof hoodie). And what a difference that makes. I’ve ridden the snowflex once in the past whilst it was raining, but it was also really windy that day, so this was kind of like a first.

Such a good session. Ciara is starting to get the hang of hitting kickers – albeit the small one – and I was working on some backside 3s and the shifty-shifty. With the slope being wet everything was much smoother; it was easy to get air.

This time around we did take some video. I’m quite happy with the backside 3s I was spinning, the technique is coming together I think; there’s a decent one on camera but it wasn’t from the proper kicker so it doesn’t count. In fact, I didn’t get ’round to spinning at all off the big kicker – it was just straight stuff.

I was going fairly big though – bigger than I’ve been in the past for sure. I was even speed checking ‘cos the slope was so fast! Anyhow, the only thing of note trick-wise was a handful of double shifties. It was the first time I’d tried one and to be honest they’re not that hard. I’d say they’re easier than boning and stalling a regular shifty (depending on the size of the air).

I got an ok shot on film, but it’s quite far away. I’m probably going to look for something better before I cross it off the list. They felt good though.

I finished off the session with a pretty big slam: kinda big off the kicker and landed pretty much on my back. Ouch! That’s on film too, but again I’m kinda small in the shot so it’s a little hard to see what’s going on…

I’ll collect the video sometime in the future.

As a closing thought: I think I need to invest some time learning to ride on the ‘flex. I’m getting caught out when I mess up the weight I’m putting on my edges, and sometimes the mistakes are a little painful 🙂

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