Before getting on with the next series of posts there are a few things to update on…

First up, I’m back from Ireland. Only just. For a while it looked like the return flight on Sunday evening was going to be cancelled. In the end, the delay was around three and half hours, due to snow on both sides: Belfast and Newcastle. Got through the door at 3am on Monday morning.

There was some snow over there, not too much, but it was pretty cold. I really enjoy visiting Ciara’s family, they live out in the countryside and it’s impossible to not relax. Everytime we’re there it makes me want to move and live in the country – to live in the mountains… Just take a look at the some of views from their house (iPhone, sorry).

It’s snowing here – what’s it like where you live? The conditions in Newcastle were making it hard to fly home. When we arrived at the airport, we weren’t dissapointed. There’s a lot of snow here.

And it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon – which is unusual the UK. The weather reports seem to be suggesting a week or so of these conditions, maybe ten days. If it weren’t for my leg, I’m certain I’d be able to set up some jibbing somewhere, maybe use that balance rail. Damn it!

At it’s deepest, I’d say there was around 12″ of fresh in my garden. With snow being so close at hand, it’s hard to not imagine different snowboarding possibilities. Walking through deep snow makes it feel like being in resort…

I’ve taken this week off work to (hopefully) submit my first iPhone application. James and I are writing an iPhone application – it’s snowboard related. We’ve actually got two on the go, this being the second, but we paused on the first one (which is a snowboard size calculator).

I don’t want to say much about it now, if anything at all. Not because I think someone will rush out and steal the idea – more because I’d rather wait until it’s live on the AppStore. Until then, it’s just something we’re playing with.

So I’m going to be pretty busy this week. But coming up, I’ll be discussing some of my plans for future snowboarding and writing up my opinion of the Snowboard Jedi Program, which is interesting by the way.

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