It’s a question that I’ve asked myself many times. So what is the park like? Can I expect something good? Is it gonna be all rails or kickers too?…

If you don’t know someone who’s been to a resort before, finding out what state the park is likely to be in when you get there isn’t always easy. Sure there are resort reviews out there, and these do help, but I’ve always felt there’s a need for more comprehensive coverage of resort snowparks.

I’ve tried to provide some information myself; there are some pictures of one of the Avoriaz parks from last season, and also some of the Deux Alpes summer park. But a few holiday pictures aren’t really up to the job!

This is where the SnowParkGuide comes in. It’s a website dedicated to covering the European snowparks. What a mint idea.

The website has only just gotten going (press release), but it looks like there are enough people contributing to it to make it work out. Plus, if they can build a good community on there, the information will get better still.

Personally, I think the Shapers Blog is a pretty cool idea; they’re the guys who are closest to the park setups, if they can update the blog regulary it will be great. Also, the index of parks with links to photos is spot on. I hope the whole thing really takes off!

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