Well I got back from Morzine/Avoriaz yesterday – and it was an excellent snowboarding trip!

We were lucky with the snow as it lasted the whole week: the park we rode was in good condition and we were able to ride a lot of runs. Things did get pretty icy towards the middle/end, but the flip side is that we had clear skies every day and it was like riding in summer.

There was clearly more snow in Avoriaz so we spent five out of six days there. As a result I haven’t really seen much of the Morzine terrain at all, but there was enough snow to get a good feel of Avoriaz. I reckon that with better conditions it’s an excellent resort; the off-piste potential looked great.

So I’ve worked on improving my riding technique a little and I learned a couple of new things in the park. I did suffered a nasty little elbow injury due to some rocks on the piste and a slam, but nothing bad enough to stop me riding… There’s loads of stuff to report on that I’ll be adding over the next few weeks.

I returned from Newcastle airport to find this month’s WhiteLines waiting for me – it looks like an excellent edition, bonus. It seems that I missed a Sno!Storm session at Castleford while I was away, but there’s another one in May that I’m looking forward to.

What’s more, I’ll be heading out to Laax in 4 weeks, which I’m really excited about. Simon’s cat boarding today in Fernie which should be excellent – I can’t wait to hear about it when he gets back and hopefully see some photos and video. All in all I’ve had a great week, learnt some new stuff, grabbed a little bit of footage to look back on and I’m generally stoked on riding.

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