After finishing off our snowboard sizing calculator, I went for a skate yesterday morning with a couple of friends; it was a good session and I’ve been reminded of it all day today. I’m obviously out of shape, not good.

The skating was though. Unlike usual, I was skating some street. I’ll just clear something up in case anyone was wondering: I kinda feel weird differentiating between street and ramps/bowls, because (a) I’m a novice, so any notion of specialisation seems wrong, and (b) I don’t skate nearly enough – so it’s just “skating” to me.

Anyhow, we were skating street, and I spent a good while trying boardslides and frontside boardslides on this sweet little rail. It was pretty motivating ‘cos I suck at any frontside rail action on a snowboard; maybe I’ll learn something here? I don’t wanna big this up mind, I’m talking about a 12″ high, flat rail, and me sliding about 18″ and dropping off switch. Still, it felt good, and the regular board slides were longer 🙂

The skate park, known to locals as “5 bridges”, or just “bridges”, is also the location of the new mini-ramp being built that I mentioned briefly. It’s local – around a mile from my house – and under a bridge, so it’s always dry. Unfortunately it turns out that it sucks. I think they got some building company to make it rather than someone who knows how to build a ramp. We tried skating it and the transition was horrible. Never mind – the bowl at Silksworth isn’t that far away.

While we were there I spotted this kid with a clever little handle for his video camera. I asked him about it and he told me it put it together using two l-shaped brackets and a rubber handle; it looked similar to this, or this. Man, I can’t believe I haven’t made something similar before now…

…I’m wondering if I could make something with shock absorption built in?

As I took a quick look around the web to investigate camera handles (hence the above two links) – I noticed that a lense on one of the featured cameras peaked some interest from other readers. It peaked mine too. A Century Optics .3x 37mm. Here’s an example on youtube.

I think it looks impressive – although it’s not like I know too much about this stuff. After all, I’ve been interested in a wider-angled lense for a while now and never found one. Obviously looking in the wrong places…

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