Mart and I went for a skate on Saturday, at Silksworth. Mart’s been up all weekend celebrating his birthday. Up here, he’s only skated at Redcar, so this time we tried Sunderland.

The park was good, but also busy, and at times the wind was so strong that it got in the way. We spent most of the time re-dialing the small number of tricks that we already have. However, we also tried switch rock-to-fakies for the first time; I came away with a few nice bumps and scrapes to prove it.

It ended up being a fairly long session. We played some in the larger bowl, which just feels dangerous, and had time to mess on trying to get a few photos. Not really what we wanted but it’s hard when your tricks are limited! We also got talking to a few other skaters, who were displaying some pretty sick skills (see the last two shots).

The four hours we were there caused an inability to walk properly on Sunday morning; the tops of my calves were so tight. It’s obviously been a while since I last skated…

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