So Shaun White won the gold at the X Games 13 on the vert ramp. I know it’s a week or so late, but I saw his run for the first time today, it was pretty impressive. More impressive is the fact that he’s so good at both skateboarding and snowboarding…

Of course it was on YouTube that I caught the action; it seems more and more that you don’t really need regular television as you can find most things on the web. If you haven’t seen it here it is:


Speaking of the X Games, I recently read on the web about a horrible slam that Jake Brown had. I don’t really follow skateboarding but I have heard of Jake Brown… he was at the LG Tour event that I watched last year. I liked his style.

If you were watching the games or at least keeping tabs on them, this is probably old news… but I read about it a short while after it happened and then (again) viewed the action on YouTube. It’s an insane slam; it’s great that he’s ok. While I was looking around I checked out some other clips if Jake Brown and I think I like watching this one better than a 40′ crash!

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