The Proporta BeachBuoy is a waterproof case designed to keep small devices and valuables safe from water, sand, dirt, dust, and… snow?

As it’s name might suggest, along with the information that comes with the case, I’d say the BeachBuoy was designed mainly for use on the beach, or situations where you’re around water. However, I decided to take a look at one, and review it’s usefullness to snowboarders.

But first up – does it work?

Waterproof to 5 meters
The instructions that come with the BeachBuoy advise a Tissue Paper Test. Test it on something that’s not valuable, and shows wet’ness easily. I thought that was a little timid – so opted for the Twenty Pound Note Test. I sealed it up, dunked it in the sink, waved it around a little, and then tested the dryness of the note.

Bone dry. Phew.

I then moved onto my mobile phone. Same routine. Same result. The phone was dry and working after being submerged under water. Nice one, it’s waterproof!

Making a call
Proporta also say that devices can be used whilst inside the case, for example, making a call. Easy enough to test. I called someone, asked if they could hear me, asked if the call sounded any different. The response was “it’s fine”. I could hear them, so I’d say that works. Obviously device use doesn’t extend to earphones, as this would break the seal on the case 🙂

Ease of use
The first couple of times I tried to seal the BeachBuoy I was thinking, wow, that’s a bit difficult. The case has two grip-seals, and getting them fully closed takes a bit of finger-work. Then you fold the top over twice, a bit tough, and stick down the velcro flap…

But once you’ve done it a couple of times, it becomes easy, and the result is a waterproof seal.

So at £10, the BeachBuoy provides a cheap, light-weight case, that’s handy for keeping stuff dry and clean on the beach and/or around water. But should you go and buy one ready for your next winter holiday?

The BeachBuoy and snow
My first thought regarding its use on the mountain was well it’s nice, but I don’t think I’d use it. I don’t like to carry too much stuff around with me, it feels a little big to go in a pocket, and besides, my pockets are waterproof… enough. For example, my phone has never been damaged, and I take a bank card out from time to time.

If I am taking more stuff up with me, then it’ll be in my backpack, and again, that’s reasonably waterproof. Enough for me to not worry about stuff.

But the use of a phone whilst inside the case is compelling. I tend not to make calls whilst on the hill, and I’ll avoid getting my phone out if it’s snowing hard. But I’m sure there are people out there who make a lot more calls than I do when snowboarding/skiing. And if you’re one of these people and you value your phone, a cheap, light-weight and waterproof case could prove really useful.

And as I think about it, the Euro notes do sometimes get a little damp, and what if you needed to carry something like valuable like a passport (which does fit, just)?…

I’ll take this with me next time I’m away. I might not use it very often, maybe not even at all, but it may come in handy. Others, perhaps heavy phone users, might make better use of it. But for me, it doesn’t really fit with my on-the-hill setup, it won’t be an essential item. I reckon I’ll use it more at the beach.

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