So here’s the new damage to the Kink: a 3″ crack up near the nose, and a delamination on the base near the edge. The board is still rideable, and to be honest it’s going to have to be if I plan on boarding at Castleford this week or next. I haven’t decided what new board to get yet – so it’s either use the Kink or take a hire-board, which I don’t really want to do…

Which new stick?
So what’s on my list for a new board when there are so many to choose from? Here’s my criteria:

  • It’s got to be a freestyle board: but I’m not sure whether I want a really jibby, buttery rail/box board or something a little stiffer, more ‘park and pipe’
  • I’d quite like it to be twin tip, or at least twin flex (I think you can have twin flex without twin tip?). If it has a directional shape, it’s got to be slight
  • The length has to be somewhere between 150 and 155cm
  • Graphics – not the most important thing by a long way, but I don’t want something that looks really crap!

So, here are some current options:

  • Rome Agent
  • Bataleon Evil Twin
  • Capita Travis Parker Texas
  • Sapient Evolution
  • Rome Artifact

Any other suggestions?

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