the most expensive snowboard ever sold

The 11 Most Expensive Snowboards Ever Sold! [2024 Update]

by Fraser

There’s no denying that snowboarding is an expensive sport (unless it’s my wife asking in which case my recent board only cost $20). In order to make you feel a little better about your own latest snowboard purchase, I thought I’d reveal the most expensive snowboard ever sold. 

The most expensive snowboard ever sold was a vintage Burton Experimental Prototype, selling for $31,313 on July 1st, 2014. The snowboard was sold on eBay via auction and holds the world record to this day. 

Pretty crazy right?

Let’s take a look at a few more of the most expensive snowboards in the world…

The Most Expensive Snowboards In The World!

If you’ve looked at the other articles on google search, you’ll see that they are all grossly out of date!

Some of the most expensive snowboards ever sold are actually for sale right now. 

I’ve even (half-jokingly) included Amazon links for anyone with money to burn!

11. The Lib Tech Apex Orca ($1,199)

Lib Tech Apex Orca Mens Snowboard 153cm
  • Profile: Rocker/Camber Hybrid
  • Width: Regular
Price: $1,199
Manufacturer: Lib Tech
Production Year: Current! 
Fun Fact:
I want one!

The Lib Tech Apex Orca is one of the most expensive snowboards on the market. It is a true masterpiece and they’re currently flying off the shelves!

With artwork by the incredible Mike Parillo and the stamp of approval from renowned rider Travis Rice, it’s no wonder this board demands a high price tag! 

If you were actually tempted to pick one up (I would if I could!) then make sure to check Evo, REI and The House to find the best price.

10. The Kessler Alpine ($1390)

Price: $1,390
Manufacturer: Kessler
Production Year: 2012 onwards
Fun Fact:
In the 2011 X-games, five out of the six racing gold medals were won by snowboarders riding a Kessler snowboard!

The Kessler Alpine is famous in the professional snowboard racing game. It’s a stiff beast with a lot of torsional flex, meaning it springs between turns with ease. 

This certainly isn’t one for your average amateur snowboarder. 

9. Pogo Wingergun 205 ($1660)

Price: $1,660
Manufacturer: Pogo
Production Year: 1983
Fun Fact:
This board is a whopping 205cm long!

This german manufacturer has managed to feature twice on the list! They clearly enjoy making some of the most expensive snowboards in the world. 

Does this mean they’re also high quality?

Unfortunately I’ve not had the pleasuring of riding one… however they’re handmade from extremely high quality materials. This includes the use of Carbon Kevlar and a triple dampening rubber layer. 

I’m willing to bet they’re a pretty speedy ride!

8. The Jones Project X ($1699)

Price: $1,699.95
Manufacturer: Jones
Production Year: Current!
Fun Fact:
Designed by legendary freeride snowboarder Jeremy Jones. 

Another modern marvel makes it’s way onto the list!

Do we blame inflation or are snowboard manufacturers intentionally trying to make the most expensive snowboards in the world?

Jones make incredible snowboarders and the Project X is no different. This board is made to slay powder and is another board I’ve been drooling over this season!

If you have the funds and want to grab one for yourself, check the prices first here on Evo, REI and The House.

7. The Boheme Swallow ($1750)

No products found.

Price: $1,750
Manufacturer: Boheme
Production Year: 2008
Fun Fact:
This board uses 15 different types of wood!

This one is a true work of art. I mean check out that beautiful wood work! 

Boheme is a French company who specialise in hand-crafted freeride machines. This particular model is no different! 

Built with 15 precious woods, this board is super solid and super fast. Each board has over 100 man-hours invested into it, with extreme attention to detail. 

For this reason, Boheme boards demand a heavy price tag!

6. Pogo Maverick Powdergun ($1799)

Price: $1,799
Manufacturer: Pogo
Production Year: 1983 onwards
Fun Fact:
You thought the last one was big? This one is 230cm long!

I’ve already introduced Pogo snowboards. This high-end manufacturer makes some very expensive (and very long!) snowboards. 

The 230cm Maverick Powdergun is their chart topping powder slayer. The first thing you’ll notice is the deep swallowtail , designed to add with float in powder and allow fast turn initiation. 

The Maverick also boasts walnut, maple and get this… pearl inlays! 

It’s certainly not hard to see how this board tops the list of the most expensive snowboards in the world. 

5. Cheetah Ultra Sports The Whip ($2200)

Price: $2,200
Manufacturer: Cheetah Ultra Sports
Production Year: 2006
Fun Fact:
The Whip was inspired by the F-117 Stealth fighter jet!

This slightly insane creation features suspension, raised inserts and a thick “go-faster” stripe carved right down the middle. Features that I’m fairly sure no snowboarder has ever asked for…

The resultant package comes in at an eye-watering $2,200!

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find footage of anyone riding this bad boy. Could this be because no-one has ridden it and lived to tell the tale? If anyone reading this can help me out, drop me a message! 

4. The Miura Tekila ($3,400)

Price: $3,400
Designer: Olivier Miura
Production Year: Never!
Fun Fact:
This mysterious board may well be an urban legend. There’s minimal evidence of it’s existence!

This snowboard is somewhat of a snowboarding myth. The board was supposedly designed by legendary shaper Olivier Miura in the early 2000’s. 

A prototype was subsequently made but the boards never made it to production. This was in part due to the collapse of the company in 2005. 

It is widely rumoured that the single prototype in existence has recently sold for a very healthy $3,400. Where this board resides is unknown. There are very few pictures available and certainly no footage. 

There are even many who doubt the board ever existed in the first place! Could this be snowboarding’s first conspiracy theory?

3. Burton BB1 Londonderry ($11,211)

Price: $11,211
Manufacturer: Burton
Production Year: 1978-1979
Fun Fact:
Jake Burton Carpenter (Burton founder) personally created the BB1.

The Burton BB1 Londonberry sold for $11,211 via eBay auction on March 25th 2012. At the time, this was the most expensive snowboard ever sold!

The board was handmade in Londonberry, Vermont and represents one of the first uses of camber in snowboard design. This particular model was reportedly immaculately preserved. So much so that it had never been ridden! 

Would you ride it if you were lucky enough to have scooped up this gem? I’d certainly be tempted!

2. Burton Black Widow ($11,732)

Price: $11,732
Manufacturer: Burton
Production Year: 1983
Fun Fact:
Only 7 of these boards were ever made!

You’re probably going to notice a few trends with the last few boards on this list. Firstly… they’re all made by Burton Snowboards. 

Secondly, they are all also vintage. They are worth much more as collectors items than they ever were when being ridden!

This Burton Black Widow was one of just seven of it’s kind! This probably helped the board achieve a massive $11,732 on eBay back in 2013. 

The board was also signed by legendary snowboarder Bob Novak and the seller reportedly stated that “the last time this board was used, Bob (Novak) took 1st Place in the downhill at Pando Ski Area in 1984.”


1. Burton Experimental Prototype ($31,131.13)

the most expensive snowboard ever sold
Price: $31,131.13
Manufacturer: Burton
Production Year: 1977
Fun Fact:
This is the most expensive snowboard of all time!

We’ve officially reached the end of this illustrious list!

This Burton Experimental Prototype achieved the world record for the most expensive snowboard ever sold, selling at auction for over $31,000 on July 1st, 2014. 

The board was sold on eBay by Vintage Winter, a team dedicated to selling antique winter sports equipment.  

the most expensive snowboards ever sold

The board had reportedly been immaculately preserved. It was never ridden, never waxed and never even taken out of storage until the time it was sold! 

As you can see, the board has held it’s title since 2014. However who know’s what’s stashed away in people’s attics or basements. Someone, somewhere may unknowingly have a snowboard even more valuable than The Experimental Prototype. 

I guess only time will tell. Watch this space!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully these boards have made you feel better about your own snowboard purchases!

If you feel like checking out some much more affordable snowboard equipment, check out our snowboard gear section. 

If you’ve spotted an expensive snowboard that didn’t make the list, drop me a message in the comments below.

Happy riding!

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