So that pre-holidy stoke that I was talking about has the current weather conditions to fight against. I think most people are aware that it’s been a slow start to the season in Europe due to the high temperatures – and Morzine currently isn’t fairing too well. I’m really hoping it gets colder, fast, so that the snow can start falling.

Here are some images from, for weather reporting in Morzine.

There has been a fair amount of rain falling on the slopes, but it seems that Morzine is set for some snow – especially higher up. The question is, will the temperature be low enough to stop futher rain and bring more snow? I’ll be wathcing the reports closely…

…Whatever happens though, I’m certain we’ll make a good trip of it and have fun. Speaking of which (does that make sense?), there’s a nice trip report from Morzine/Avoriaz on Hitting Kickers

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