Well I’ve been away for the bank holiday weekend, giving me time to relax and make some preparations: consequently my head is bulging with information I thought I’d share…

The main theme is Deux Alpes. I’m excited to say that I’m one step closer to my fix of summer riding… I’ve booked the flights! I ended up going with KLM – but working out the best way to travel from Newcastle to Deux Alpes wasn’t straight forward (more to come).

I’ve opted for the sneaky 5-days-holiday = 8-days-riding. Eh, what do you mean by that? Well, normally when you go for a week of snowboarding you travel out Saturday and return the following Saturday. Thus you ride the six days in-between, Sunday to Friday…

Earlier this year Ciara and I pulled off an 8-day-riding trip in Meribel. We travelled out on Saturday as usual, but booked a late return flight the following Sunday. Immediately you get the extra Saturday riding; if you’re on the ball you can ride for the majority of the Sunday too! You get two days for free. When it comes to riding on a glacier the snow only lasts until just after lunchtime, so packing the Sunday’s riding into your holiday is easier still.

It’s a time saving, not a cost saving. It’s good for those people (like myself) whose snowboarding is constrained by their annual holiday entitlement. The holiday itself does end up costing more money. But 8 days snowboarding is like 33% more than than 6… if you haven’t tried it, it’s worth giving it a go.

Anyway, I’ve been side-tracked there. Keep an eye out for new stuff about the Deux Alpes trip, and I hope you enjoyed Mal’s post about The 6 Best Places To Snowboard In Colorado!

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