How Much Is A Snowboard Trip To Japan? Is It Expensive?

by Fraser

My regular readers know how much I love snowboarding in Japan. In fact these Japanese ski resorts are some of the best places I’ve ever snowboarded! But with prices rising around the world, how much is a snowboard trip to Japan?

A snowboarding trip to Japan will vary in price depending on where you are travelling from. For example, from America, flights will cost upwards of $1000, accommodation $1500 per week and lift passes $500. The trip would therefore cost in excess of $3000.

Clearly a snowboarding trip to Japan could be fairly expensive. However I think there is still a strong argument to go for it. Hear me out…

Is A Snowboard Trip To Japan Expensive?

As we recently discussed when considering how much a snowboarding trip costs, snowboarding is becoming more expensive!

Japan is no exception. 

However… the price will vary greatly depending on where you’re from. 

Those living in Australia or New Zealand for example might find that Japan is one of the more reasonably priced ski destinations. 

For myself and other’s in less fortunate positions… the travel alone will make the trip quite an expensive one. 

Conversely, once you get there the lift passes are actually generally cheaper than you’d find in the States or Europe. 

Especially if you choose one of the quieter resorts recommended on the Japanese Snowboard Destinations list. 

This will also reduce the cost of food and accommodation. Win, win.

Is A Snowboarding Trip To Japan Worth The Money?


A Japanese snowboarding trip is every snowboarders dream.

Bottomless powder on easy access lift-accessed terrain. Beautiful!

You need to think of this trip differently to others. 

It’s a bucket list trip. 

I would rather save up the money I would normally spend on multiple shorter trips and spend it all at once on a Japanese adventure. 

I spent a small fortune on snowboarding in Japan. And it’s seriously the best money I’ve ever spent on my snowboarding obsession. 

But was it expensive? Yep!


Snowboarding in Japan is expensive. 

But so is everything in life nowadays. 

You may as well spend your money on something worthwhile! 

Alternatively, browse our other snowboarding destinations for further inspiration. 

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