Sunday: I saw the mountain today, clearly, for the first time since we’ve been here. It was blue skies throughout and a fair bit warmer than it has been. I could see all the different runs and we were riding groomers. It was a big change…

It really hit home today how lucky we were with the conditions over the first week. To ride fresh powder 6 days in a row is just about off the scale – so the groomed pistes today really did feel strange.

With the snow being packed down, more and more hits started to emerge. We simply took laps on the Bear Chair this morning hitting things up on the piste. The additional jumps were great, but it took some time to get reacquainted with landing on hard snow.

Lots of fun. There was one hit in particular that was good for working on that frontside 3. I stomped one super clean that prompted me to get the camera out in the afternoon. It didn’t quite go as smoothly as I’d have liked after that, but the progress is promising. Head and shoulders are in much better position and it’s making the rotation pretty easy. The one I rode out clean was super smoothe – a real slow rotation. Sweet. Under the lift line too, which is always a bonus.

We took a run through Cedar Bowl and ended up sketching our way through KC’s Shute, a run that Simon and I hit last week when it was full of fresh and I had no goggles (the eye-lid-freeze episode). It was refreshing to see what it looks like in full sunlight and packed out hard. It reminded me of how sick it was to ride the first lines down there in close to a meter of powder. Steep and deep. Awesome.

I took a few knocks today – no doubt some of which due to the harder landings – so I’m eagerly anticipating the hot tub that will come later this evening. I’m thankful for my trusty impact shorts for absorbing some of the blows.

The Internet connection is still down in our room so I’m sat in the reception area of the Griz Inn Hotel, writing this post. My last visit here was much nicer – I brought a couple of beers and some crisps… apparently that’s a big no – no. There’s someone different working the desk this time and she told me I needed to get rid of the beers! Damn it. I wouldn’t need to sit here if they got their service working properly!!

Conditions are great, we’re ripping the piste and there’s more snow forecast. Awesome. Here’s some video of a couple of three’s that didn’t quite make it. Hopefully there’ll be more footage taken over the next week. The second one in this clip is bigger; just imagine one slightly bigger yet and totally clean – that’s the one I made earlier in the day…

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