Day 6 now. We had a few beers last night and some late hot tub action in the neighbouring Lizard Creek Lodge, so I didn’t get a chance last night to post anything.

So yesterday, which was our fourth day on the hill, was supposed to be greeted with around 20cm of fresh snow… It was more like 30. I guess my snow dance worked! To get to the White Pass area you first head up the Timber Bowl Express and then ride down to the White Pass Chair. That first run was all fresh, and easily 30cm. It was going to be another good day.

Things actually turned out to be a little slower than the first three days. We formed a larger group than normal in the morning and we also had the cameras with us. It was more stoppy-starty, but we did get a few nice shots and a little bit of good footage. Note to self: riding follow cam in thigh-deep powder results in a seriously wet camera!

In the afternoon, Martin, Ciara and I took a few laps in the Lizard Bowl, which was still deep and fluffy in a fair few places. Second note: this mountain is littered with hits everywhere. Something I’ve always liked about Chamonix in the past – it’s similar here. Great fun. I’ve been getting some decent air at times. We then headed back to the appartment to get shovels and over to White Pass to look for a kicker spot.

Unstrapped from our boards, we did a good deal of hiking around in the soft stuff, which was hard work. By the time we found something we liked the look of, it was time to head down off the hill. We just didn’t have enough juice left to get up to where we think the run-in will be, so it’s going to need checking out this morning.

The last run down off the hill was great. Simon took us a run we hadn’t been on before – the sides of which were still yeilding really good snow. Tracked for sure, but still soft and knee deep, good enough for getting slashes and nice turns. There was also fun to be had in and around the trees.

Here are some pictures from the day:

View from balcony.

Mart working on the barrel roll – he stomped one of them into the pow, so sick!

Ciara picking out her line.

Me getting some fresh in this line.

This is a frontside 3 off of a cat-track. It felt pretty big, but the best part is that I stomped it as clean as you can get. It’s taken a few rag-dolls to hammer home the land with more weight on the back of your board message – but I nailed this one. Gonna try and get a few on the camcorder…

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