I woke this morning to the sound of a cat passing by our window. Man I was excited; like a child at Christmas…

With good reason too. After arriving in resort last night, the snow continued to fall throughout the evening, and then through the night. We were chatting with a local who was predicting 25 – 30 cm of fresh. This morning the result of the new snow was closer to 40 cm. The Griz came through on our first day. Sweet.

We had to wait around some before they opened the lift, something like 30 minutes, while they made things safe up the top. At the start of the day there wasn’t too much open, two or three of the bowls were closed. But Simon took us to a pretty quiet area in White Pass that we lapped all morning, and it was close to fresh throughout. It was all good.

Excellent in fact. Some of the best powder I’ve ever ridden, and it was so good riding through the trees. Such a great first morning/day. I can’t wait to see more of the mountain.

The avalanche bombing continued as the day went on. Which reminds me… make sure you’ve read our basic avalanche tips.

After lunch I took the helmet cam out to give it its first run. The results were mixed. The quality is good enough, no doubt. But I had the positioning on the helmet a little off, and it showed. With lots of movement the video recorded isn’t exactly smooth, but it is good at times. Tomorrow, I think I’ll try using the camera in the hand, and see what those results are like. I might end up trying to tape the camera to the helmet in hope of achieving a more stable finish.

We were all pretty tired by time the lifts closed, so we hit the hot tub; loosen up the muscles ready for tomorrow. It’s really good that they’ve got one here at the Cornerstone Lodge, it makes a big difference.

It has snowed all day and it’s still snowing now. The temperature is also dropping. Tomorrow should be great, especially as the weekend has now gone, the slopes will be much quieter. More powder…

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