Snowmotions – Specialists in Swiss Ski and Snowboard Holidays

by Fraser

snowmotions.comBack in 2007, our group spent two weeks in Laax/Flims, with a company called Snowmotions. They market themselves as “Specialists in Swiss Ski and Snowboard Holidays” – and they are. I’ve been friends with Jason and the Snowmotions crew ever since.

Looking at myself as a holiday snowboarder, which hopefully means a couple of trips each season, when I think of Europe + Backcountry, I think of Snowmotions. The reason being that it was Jason and Snowmotions that first took me into real backcountry, with guides. We scored some amazing lines – and it wouldn’t have happened without their influence and help.

If I go and stay with the Snowmotions crew, I think I can great guidance for backcountry shredding – they know the area really well, they’ve got connections with guides and heli-boarding outfits, and they’re in a good position.

End of Season Special! Snowmotions have a pretty cool deal going on for the end of season, in their Lenzerheide Lodge. It’s CHF 100 (around £70) per person per night, which includes liftpass, breakfast and dinner, so your accommodation is essentially free!

Just because I can’t take advantage of the offer doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t 🙂 So take a look…

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