does snowboarding get boring?

Does Snowboarding Get Boring? The Honest Answer

by Fraser

When it comes to snowboarding, or any sport really, your enjoyment depends on who you are and what you put into it. So let’s consider an awkward question, does snowboarding get boring for some riders?

Snowboarding could get boring because cruising down the slopes can feel repetitive, especially if you’re snowboarding alone. However, if you are getting bored there’s a good chance you’re not pushing yourself to progress. Snowboarding should be endlessly exciting. 

In this article, I’ll explore both sides of the argument to help you decide whether snowboarding is something you’ll enjoy long-term. Spoiler alert. It probably is!

does snowboarding get boring?

The Boredom of Snowboarding

Some people find that snowboarding can be a bit repetitive and boring after a while. Hard to believe I know!

If you’re not interested in learning new tricks or pushing yourself to improve, then it’s easy to see how snowboarding could become dull.

However, I would argue that if this is the case, you’re not hanging with the right crew! Cruising with friends, even when taking it mellow, can still make for an incredible day. 

Many people (myself included) are actually content with just cruising down the slopes and enjoying the scenery. Throw on some snowboarding tunes and you’re in for a good day!

If you still find this boring… then there’s the smallest chance that snowboarding is not for you. However, remember that to get to the stage where you can simply cruise the mountain takes years of practice. 

By then you’ll have enjoyed many hours on the mountain, including the exciting learning curve we all start out on!

The Thrills of Snowboarding

For many people, the biggest appeal of snowboarding is the feeling of excitement and adrenaline that comes with it.

There’s nothing quite like carving down fresh powder or hitting a big backcountry booter. 

Even if you’ve been snowboarding for years, there’s always something new to learn and explore. If you’re the type of person who loves a challenge, then you’ll never get bored of snowboarding.

There are always new tricks to learn and new terrain to explore.

If you’re willing to put in the effort, you can always find new ways to improve your skills and push yourself to the next level.

My Honest Take On Whether Snowboarding Gets Boring

You’re probably expecting me to be a little biased… and you’d be correct. 

However, I do understand that some people might reach a point where they get a little bored of snowboarding. 

Not everyone aspires to landing double corks or cab 360’s.

If your end goal is very achievable and you’re not planning to progress further, then you might start to tire of riding.

Admittedly, for advanced riders, getting your daily adrenaline boost does start to require more extreme tricks or terrain.

Many professionals spend their latter careers seeking out the steepest Alaskan chutes or jumping out of helicopters. I highly doubt they’re bored whilst doing it though! 

What I hope most riders will ultimately achieve is a sense of calm and belonging. A relaxing day hiking a beautiful mountain ridge, with a mellow powder cruise descent doesn’t have to be crazy or exciting. But I certainly wouldn’t call it boring. 


In summary, snowboarding could become less exciting for some riders.

However if you’re a beginner, you’re certainly not going to get bored any time soon! 

There’s so many different aspects of snowboarding to explore and master. I truly defy anyone to claim to be bored… at least before they’ve enjoyed years of adrenaline and excitement

If you do happen to be bored right now then you’re in luck. I have plenty of snowboard related blog posts to keep you entertained!

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