We didn’t get into resort until around 11pm last night. A few beers, something to eat and time to unpack.

Sleeping wasn’t easy. It was like Christmas eve when you’re ten years old. I woke at 6 and couldn’t get back to sleep. We were up for first lift this morning 🙂 On the way up you could see that it hasn’t snowed for a while… But the forecast is telling us snow is on the way.

Still, the first runs were good, and the base is good too. By mid morning our group was fully assembled… Much fun spending the first day shredding together; warming up and trying a few tricks.

It started snowing before lunch. Fairly heavy plus a strong wind. Chairlifts were brutal. As the afternoon went on, we were encouraged by the snow that was falling, but the wind was getting even stronger and it became a full on blizzard/whiteout.

We ended up coming down an hour early. That’s hard for me to take, especially on the first day. But to be honest it was the right move. We couldn’t see up there and the snow was biting on the face. Plus, the home run was awesome!

We’re in the pub now. I’m posting from James’ iPhone; hopefully I’ll find out how to post some pictures from this.

When’s it going to stop snowing? Will we get a bluebird? Great first day! I need to get off this phone and join the group, with the beers. Peace.

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