This is gonna be brief – we’re off to Breck tomorrow morning for the first trip of the season. I’ve put in a decent amount of warm-up in the fridge at Cas’, my leg feels good, I feel fit and I’m just itching to get on the mountain.

And it seems we’ve been lucky with the timing. It’s been kinda dry in North America recently, but as I type, there’s some heavy snowfall/storm rolling through Breck. Could be 10″ today (Friday) followed by a foot overnight on Saturday.

Our first day on the hill will be Sunday; I call that lucky. As it happens, I’ve packed the Capita Charlie Slasher – yet to touch snow. It’s just been sitting in the loft for over a year, waiting patiently. Timing.

I hope to make some updates when I’m out there, if there’s something good to show that is. Some pictures, video, hopefully my riding will be up to it!

I picked this up from the Angry Snowboarder; Breck resident. Damn snowboarding is good.


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