Precursor: this update comes late in the day, following several beers…

Today was a footage day. We took the camera out and racked up close to an hour and a half of film. For sure a lot of it was follow cam around the piste, but we did get a few decent things.

We filmed a few runs in the mini park: some beginner hits, some box action and a little jibbing. That backside rotation is coming on.

Martin set up for nice ollie-over-fence shot, which although wasn’t rode out clean, was pretty sweet, and we got it from two angles.

We also got a nice rock-drop on camera, just off to the side of the piste. I think that’s gonna be a better shot if we go back on a clear day, because today the clouds were in and out, and some of the shots had low light.

Sessioning some boxes, there was also a great slam from Emma, trying her first boardslide on a box, straight on to her backside. Nasty.

Most importantly though, we set up for the backflip. The Network found some fresh stuff just off to the side of the piste, and there was a nice little lip to jump off. Martin set to shaping the take off and then we were set.

Martin was first with a barrel roll backflip followed by the network with an attempted front flip. We’re not talking about anything big here, but it’s fun to watch.

After two or three attempts each, Martin landed a back flip, which was pretty sweet. My third attempt was pretty damn close, and hopefully I’ll put one down before the end of the two weeks.

I’d love to post the footage now but there just isn’t time. We’ll probably leave the camera for a day or two, or until it dumps again. Rest assured though, I’ll sort it out sooner or later…

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