We set off for Canada tomorrow morning. I almost can’t believe that it’s here already. Having such a busy week at work has made it creep up I think…

Well I’m all set now. It’s an early start tomorrow, around 3am, and all that’s left to do is shoot nervous glances at my board bag. It looks heavy. It feels heavy.

I say this every year and it’s normally fine, but it’s difficult to guess the weight and I don’t want hassle at the airport; I certainly don’t wanna pay any more after having already upgrading the flight.

I might pop into work later on and weigh the damn thing…

Anyhow, I’m hoping to update things while I’m out there, so with a bit of luck, there’ll be some photos and stuff, maybe even some video. The forecast keeps changing, but the trend is some half decent snow on Sunday and Monday. Right now it’s registering at 15cm on Sunday… here’s hoping for some epic pow!

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