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Snowboarding Days™

Snowboarding Days was created by snowboarders, for snowboarders. We offer an unfiltered take on gear, practical advice, and the latest in sustainable apparel. Having started as a humble blog, we’re now a snowboard magazine, content platform and clothing line.

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In an industry invaded by corporate giants and flashy campaigns, we represent the relentless voice of grassroots snowboarding. Powder to the people!


Our content is always created with true snowboarders in mind. With no brand loyalties, we’ll help you find the right snowboard gear every damn time.


We are Snowboarding Days – where real riders, find real gear.

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Meet The Team!

Between us we have many decades of snowboarding experience.

Fraser Henderson
Founder & Shr-Editor
Fraser is a committed snowboarder with a passion for acquiring and testing gear. His dedication to the sport is only surpassed by his commitment to offering valuable and practical advice to fellow riders. Read More.
Tom Fortune
Writer & Product Tester
Tom is British but has been living in the French Alps since 2015. He’s a passionate snowboarder and spends as much time on the mountain as possible, especially as he lives at the foot of the slopes! Read More.
Ben Simon
Product Tester
Ben is a highly qualified snowboard instructor from Colorado. He seems to have a bottomless pit of snowboarding knowledge! He’s also our resident snowboard gear nerd. Read More.

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Subscribe for discounts AND A Chance to win $50!

Sign up to our newsletter for entry into the annual $50 gift card draw.