Well, I’ve done some searching around and like the review of skateboarding blogs – I’m gonna take a look at five snowboarding blogs. As I mentioned before I can’t claim this to be comprehensive, and it is just my opinion… I’ve simply taken 5 blogs that seem interesting.

Before I start, it is worth pointing out the Snowgo site led me to a lot of the other blogs… so thanks!

1. Snowgo

Snowgo was the start of my search, so it’s a shame that they’ve taken the majority of this season off – meaning there have been no new posts. I like the clean style though, and I think the link in this post is well worth checking out. Browsing back through some of the archives – this is sweet! I hope there’s more to come next season

2. iRide

There aren’t loads of posts on this blog, but I like the personality of what’s available. There doesn’t seem to be any “fill-in” information; each log entry is about something the writer is really interested in. To me, that’s one of the things that makes a blog interesting to read. Road trips and organising group holidays… I can relate to that 🙂

Unfortunately there hasn’t been much activity this season, but it seems that Zaskoda is working on a new site… More posts please!

3. Musings of an airbag addict

Don’t let the title confuse you. I like this blog and will be going back – simple as that. The content isn’t all snowboarding but it doesn’t matter – it just adds to the feel and character of the site. When someone likes snowboarding as much as you do, reading what they’ve got to say is fun. Check it out (and look for the huge airbags!).

Plus, while I was there I found a separate blog covering a group trip to Mammoth. I kinda wish I’d done this review earlier and found that blog as it was going… Reading someone’s story is cool, and there’s some really nice stuff on there.

4. We Know Snow

This is a cool blog. Man the Colorado backcountry looks nice! Nice frequent updates and the posts are such good quality. Seriously, some of the photography is really good. The effort really comes through – good pictures, good photos and good posts. Sick. Here’s an example of the good stuff on offer. Put it in your favourites.

5. 120 Days of Powder

Ok, so by now I’m starting to think that doing this review at the end of the season wasn’t the best idea. 120 Days is a kind-of ‘story blog’ – which I think are often the most fun to read – similar to the Mammoth trip. Here’s the about snippet:

In the late fall of 2005 Wil took the packed up contents of one car, his dog, and his hopes for snowboarding adventure and moved to Steamboat Springs, CO. 120 Days of Powder is the story of an average guy living out his dream to snowboard full-time in the Rockies! “Shredding, like it’s my duty, for all you stuck in cubicles everywhere!” –Wil

This got me interested straight away because I can relate to the situation, and it’s something I’d love to do.

I suppose it’s not really the same reading it all retrospectively, but check through the archives, it’s really good. I came across their first pod cast, the first I’ve seen on a boarding site. What a cool idea, and it’s put together nicely! Damn, I missed it.

Oh yeah – 120 Days of Powder gets crazy traffic! Nicely done.

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